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    Pivottabel: colored visualisation of different options

    André Kabalkin

      Dear experts,


      I need your help in QlikView :

      I created a pivottable with following column:


      - Tolerance - is defined in the excel

      - IstSum - working fine (a long formel)

      - SollSum - woriking fine (a long formel)

      - Evaluation - Doesn't work


      In the last column "Evaluation" I have to visualize the result with color and text:

      if IstSum > SollSum*(1+Tolerance/100) --> red color (text:too high)

      if IstSum < SollSum*(1-Tolerance/100) --> orange color (and text: too few)

      if IstSum between SollSum*(1+Tolerance/100) and SollSum*(1-Tolerance/100) --> green (text: im Range)


      It seems to be very easy, but I don't know where I can define these three formulas.

      I created two variable: tolerance_over (Toleranz_oberhalb) and tolerance_few (Toleranz_unterhalb).

      I use these variables in "Visualization", but I cannot use this formulas for "normal"--> "im Range". And these formulas refer to "formulas" and here I don't know, how I can insert 3 formulas.


      How can I resolve this problem ? Are there any other alternative (maybe over the "picture")?

      Thank you and kind regards,