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    how to display min and max value in a power point line chart

    padmanabhan ramakrishnan

      Hi All,


      I have created a Line chart in QlikView with Month as dimension and Exp1: sum(sales) for product A,

      Exp2: sum(sales) for product B,

      Exp3: sum(sales) for product C.

      I am trying to create the same Line Chart in Power Point with data labels applicable to display only for starting month and ending month.

      Since I have to drag and drop the fields by adding the table from QlikView into the Line chart of power point, I do not see the graph unless I do Preview because of which I am not able to show only the first and last month sum for all the products in the data labels.

      Can you please help me to sort this out. You can create a line chart in QV with sample data and try to use the same fields by drag and drop in nprinting power point to create line graph with first and last month sales value to display as data labels.

      Thank you,