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    Set Y max based on which columns have values in X

      I've got a bar chart that's aggregating the sum of values for people who fall into several categories--being able to see the sum for folks who don't fall into any category is important too.


      However, the total for folks who don't fall into any category is so much larger than the other categories that the chart isn't particularly useful (see the screenshot below). I can set a static Y min fairly easily, but I'd like the chart to scale properly based on my selections--what I'd really like to do is set a static Y min based on the biggest value of Y where X is not null. I'm guessing I could use some sort of set analysis expression to do this, something like = max( aggr( sum( {< Xvalue = { isNotNull( Xvalue) } >} Yvalue ), Xvalue)), but I'm sure that's not exactly right.


      . qv chart.png