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    Create an Array from field values

    Ian McGivern

      Good Day,


      Has anyone created a field with an array of values?


      Below is script that demonstrates what I'm trying to achieve.


      The desired output is for [Inner Table] to have the following:


      Inner CodeInner Value
      1A, B, C
      2D, E, F
      3G, H, I




      load * inline [
      Code, Value
      1, A
      1, B
      1, C
      2, D
      2, E
      2, F
      3, G
      3, H
      3, I

      For Each x in FieldValueList('Code')

          Let vCurrentCode = $(x);
          [Outer Table]:
           '$(x)' as "Outer Code"
          AutoGenerate 1;
          For Each y in FieldValueList('Code')
              Let ConcatenatedValue = ConcatenatedValue & ' ' & Peek('Value',y,'Data_Table') & ',';

              [Inner Table]:
                    '$(x)' as "Inner Code",
                    '$(ConcatenatedValue)' AS "Inner Value"
              AutoGenerate 1
                         $(x) = $(vCurrentCode);
              Let content = Null;
          Next y
      Next x