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    Translating Summary in Excel to an aggregated summary table in Qlikview?

      Case NumberReason Denied 1- Missing InfoReason Denied 2- Contracting Issue Appeals MadeAppeals with response from insurance companyAppeals Won (Paid)Total Paid

      I have created a summary table in Excel with Pivot tables and a few functions, and am struggling how to create the same information in Qlikview. Please note: Denials are binary (1 means we were denied for this reason; 0 means denial was not for this reason); 1 denial can have 2 denial reasons (as shown in Case 2)


      The final summary table looked like this:

      ReasonAppeals MadeAppeals with ResponseAppeals Won
      Avg Paid per Appeal with Response

      Reason 1 Denied- Missing Info

      Reason 2 Denied- Contracting Issue211$60


      How can I create this in Qlikview?