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    To find the difference between two months

    Anuraj kokkeragadda



      Actually my scenario is a car vendor sales.The payment type consists of cash and emi.While considering this emi case,i have included the monthly payments value for each emi in fact table.

      I have created a master calendar linked with order date.So when i click on a customer who took a car,it is showing the orderdate,month,quarter,year of the car taken.

      But i want to find the emi paid by that particular customer till 4 months while the EMI may be about 12 months.But now the problem is that if i want to see the amount paid till may,if i click on the month may it is showing all the customers who bought the car in the month.


      Could anyone suggest in which way i could get the amount paid using the expression like

      =if(Type='EMI',([Down Payment]+(GetCurrentSelections(Month)-Month([Order Date]))*Monthly_Payment),Selling_Price)


      Please help. Appreciate your time and help in this.


      Thank you.