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    Can perform reload task in QAP Server?

    Jim Chan

      I have setup a QAP Server. i was trying the task reload in " Task" for these 2 default dashboard.


      Why is it "Failed" ? cannot be reload?






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          Gabor Tarnoczai

          Hi Jim,


          You should try the following:


          • First of all: restart the QlikSense services
          • If it doesn't help then check the user, who runs the services.
          • If it doesn't help, dwell into the logs.


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            Filip Reinholdson


            Check the log files for errors. If you have imported the apps from another Qlik Sense Server the required data connections are unfortunately not imported together with the qvf-file. That is probably why the tasks fail since the data connections are missing. Check in QMC > Data Conenctions if they are there and if they are properly set up.


            When you import an app developed on Qlik Sense Desktop, existing data connections are imported to the QMC. When you export an app from a server, existing data connections are not exported with the app.



            Since the QAP is a Qlik Sense-server without the "hub" and aimed for integration purposes only you have to find a way to import the data connections into the QAP QMC for reloads to work. One way could be to create an empty app in Qlik Sense Desktop with the required data connections and then import this qvf into the QAP. Then you can manage and set up the imported data connections properly in the QAP QMC.


            Please set this answer as a correct answer if this helped you out

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                Fei Xu

                Sense desktop is not allowed to be installed in Windows server where Sense server is installed, so if I want to export apps from Sense server to QAP and refresh them in QAP, how can I do that? As Jim has mentioned, the connections are not coming with apps so they do not exist in the QAP, causing reload task failed.





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                    Eric Clutario



                    Were you able to figure it out?


                    I had the same problem earlier: no QS desktop on the server and thus cannot import data connections at all.  I solved this by applying the QSE license in the server first, created an app with all data connections I would need later in QAP, I then switched back to QAP license as soon as all the data connections I need are created and tested. I then replaced all the data connections in the data load of the QSE apps before they get imported to QAP.


                    Example of commenting QSE data connection and switching to QAP data connection in the data load prior to exporting the app:


                    //LIB CONNECT TO 'Prod Redshift DSN (domain_email@mycompany.org)’;
                    LIB CONNECT TO ‘Prod Redshift DSN (domain_username)’;

                    If the QAP data connections are properly configured and tested, reloading shouldn’t be a problem in QAP.

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                        Shraddha Gajare

                        From Data connection,

                        Remove (domainname/username)

                        Keep only Prod Redshift DSN

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                          Fei Xu

                          Hi Eric,

                          There are two solutions.

                          1) I created a case and Qlik support asked me to log onto the repository database as an admin and make change there. To be honest, I dare not just go there and directly change anything or import anything. The steps are also quite complicated.


                          2) We solve this by creating a Sense app using Sense desktop on our own PC, upload this app to client's QAP server and then modify the connections there. When modifying connections in QSE or QAP server, you can change basically everything except the type. So for example we know we need to connect to SQL server and some folders so we create an app that has SQL connection and 5 or 10 folder connections. Then upload it to the QAP server, modify the connection settings and delete the folder connections that are not needed.


                          Hope this can help?