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    Qlik Cloud Questions, Experience

    Gabor Tarnoczai

      Hi All,


      Does have anybody any experience with Qlik Cloud?

      I mean not just trying out, but implement as a SaaS for customer, using at home, using at work etc...


      I know Qlik Cloud doesn't provide chance to use extensions, but I have a few more question, as


      • Does Qlik Cloud connect my database (ODBC, OLE DB), or it reads data only from excel, csv, txt?
      • I see "100s" at Enterprise Edition Data Sources section on QlikCloud upgrade modal. What does it mean?
      • "Extendable through open and standard APIs" means using extension? (from same place)
      • How implements QlikCloud security? Sharing applications? Is there a chance to share to a group? How can I manage this apps?


      And so on...


      Thanks for every response!