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    Three objects - exact copies of another one - one behaves differently!?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      These days I am having lots of stupid problems ...

      I have a gauge_chart on one sheet of my app. That shows overall figures, without any set_expressions in place.

      Now I was asked to add some more gauges for certain areas - three more.

      => I just copied the one three times and made three gauges and just now I added the necessary set_expressions, checking every time

           that I got the same figures as when I did the selections manually.

      <=> One of the three gauges disappears and shows the "no data available" message when I make some incompatible selections, the

            other two don't. Also, I don't see any differences in the expressions used.


      Do you have any idea what else (some little setting or something) could cause that? The only thing immediately coming to my mind was the $ vs. the 1 in the set_expression - but they all have the $. So why do 2 stay available in spite of any selections?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,