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    Set Analysis to include Future Data

    Cassandra Baqir

      What I want is to display one row for each APP_DATE with the max(FCST_DATE) showing as 12/31/2015.


      2-2-2016 2-57-36 PM.jpg


      I have created a Variable for max(FCST_DATE) = vMaxFCST_DATE



        Only include FCST_AMTs for dates equal to or greater than the m

      ax(APP_DATE) where ACT_AMT >0 (APP='ACTUAL').


      For example, even though we are in February, we won't yet have any ACT_AMT data for APP_DATE in January so the FCST_AMT sum SHOULD include the FCST_AMT from APP_DATE in January.




      I need some help to get the view above.