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    Access QlikSense Service from other computer

      Hi guys


      I have QlikSense Desktop installed on a virtual machine. I'm exploring the API's (right now Engine API through WebSocket in AngularJS) and I successfully run this demo [1] on the Windows virtual machine. What I'm trying to do next is to see the workbench (first step for testing the demo) in the Linux host machine (both machines are seing each other). The IP of the VM is and I get "The connection was reset" when I'm trying to access to the workbench using (in the local VM it redirects to and works)


      There is some limitation of QlikSense for access the workbench from other PC? I have windows firewall disabled and have no antivirus software on my VM


      [1] GitHub - thomasfriebel/QlikSenseAngularDemo: A lightweight browser demo of the new Qlik Engine API


      Thanks in advance

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          For what it's worth, I have this code for connecting to the hub and create an app


          //Conectar al servidor websocket

          var exampleSocket = new WebSocket("ws://");


          //Petición para crear una aplicación


          var peticion={

            "jsonrpc": "2.0",

            "id": 0,

            "method": "CreateDocEx",

            "handle": -1,

            "params": [





          //Enviar la petición al servidor

          exampleSocket.onopen = function (event) {





          TestingApp3 was created successfully, from the VM, from the host I can't connect to the server