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    Load script skips a table during the script execution process

    Sinan Ozdemir

      Hi all,


      I have been having an issue that I couldn't figure out the root cause of it. I am trying to load two tables VM_CLAIM and VM_MEMBMTHS, and they both reside in the same database so that the one ODBC connection is used. Also "Force 32 Bit" option is checked.


      What happens is that the first table VM_CLAIM gets loaded, but the second table VM_MEMBMTHS doesn't. Almost QlikView skips the second table for some reasons. I checked the availability of VM_MEMBMTHS table in both SQL Server and another BI tool, the table runs perfectly.


      Here is a screenshot of the script execution progress window:


      There are two different tables in the load script:

      Capture.PNG Capture.PNG


      I also checked if the tables are being concatenated, and there is only one common field in both tables so I don't think it is a concatenation issue.


      If anyone had this issue and resolved it, I would appreciate your feedback.


      Thank you