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    OnOpen Triggers not working

    James Phillips

      All I have 7 items on a trigger on open, and they seem to not work.... Is there a maximum number that is preferred?

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          Sunny Talwar

          I am not aware of max number of triggers. Are they may be conflicting each other for some reason? Can you share a sample?

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              James Phillips



              1 Unlock and Clear all

              2 Select in field             Date      =MaxString({$<Date={"=$(=vMaxDateTrigger)"}>}Date)

              3 Select in field           sAMAccountName    =upper(SubField(OSUser(),'\',2))

              4 Select Possible GroupName

              Than group Name has an on activate trigger that sets a variable


              vAD_GROUP_USW=if(GroupName= 'Qlikview US W',if(    WildMatch(GetFieldSelections(sAMAccountName),upper(SubField(OSUser(),'\',2))),1,0),0)
              vAD_GROUP_USE=if(GroupName= 'Qlikview US E',  if(WildMatch(GetFieldSelections(sAMAccountName),   upper(SubField(OSUser(),'\',2))),1,0),0)
              vAD_GROUP_GLOBAL=if(GroupName= 'Qlikview Global',  if(WildMatch(GetFieldSelections(sAMAccountName),   upper(SubField(OSUser(),'\',2))),1,0),0)

              5 Select in Field Region = vRegion

              6 Activate Sheet = v Sheet