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    Dashboard Session Timing out forcefully in 60 Secs.

    Ganesh Devarashetty

      I am posting a QVW issue we facing in our environment. Below are the details. Anyone faced the issue, kindly reply. Thanks in advance for your time.


      Could you describe in detail the unexpected behavior?

      1. Dashboard X.QVW has a pivot table chart for adhoc reporting.

      2. When a List Box selection is made, Pivot chart starts rendering and "Lost connection to server ...Reconnecting" message shows up within 60 Seconds. In System Monitor - the event is displayed as "Socket closed by client".

      3. None of the Timeout settings in QMC are set for 60 Seconds.

      Maximum Inactive Session Time: 1800 sec

      Possible Session Timeout: : 1800 sec

      Maximum Total Session Time: : BLANK

      Object Calculation Time Limit: 120 sec Max Symbols in Charts: 100


      When did you start to see this problem?

      User pointed it today 2/2/2016


      Have there been any recent changes to the system? NO


      What have you tested to solve the issue?

      1. Tested changing Object Calculation Time Limit to 240. No Impact

      2. Searched both Server and Desktop settings for any additional Timeouts - Did not find anything.