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    Reload Failure with SQL Data

    Jerry Somsen

      I have recently received a C# script from QlikTech that will Trigger an EDX reload on QV 9.0 SR3 Publisher/Server. I have tested the RequestEDX script and I have it working to reload a document from qvd files only. I then went to reload a qvw that points to our SQL Server (MS SQL Server 2008) and I get the following error:


      03/09/10 07:15:45: 0025 SQL SELECT *
      03/09/10 07:15:45: 0026 FROM dw_data_test.dbo.agency
      03/09/10 07:15:45: Error: SQL Error:[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0]Dialog failed
      03/09/10 07:15:45: SQL State:IM008
      03/09/10 07:15:45: General Script Error
      03/09/10 07:15:45: Execution Failed
      03/09/10 07:15:45: Execution finished.

      The document reloads fine on the same server using developer. Has anyone run accross this issue or know of a work around? There is not alot of documentation with EDX.



      PS The RequestEDX Script can be found on the forum.