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    QlikView IE plugin & QVP pluggable protocol

      I noticed there are two html files in the QvClients\QvPlugin folder of the QlikView server installation folder : opendoc.htm and opendoc_fix.htm

      opendoc_fix is not used by default, and after reading some posts in this forum i think it is just here to provide a way to auto-install the plugin in QlikView server 9. Is it correct?

      There is another difference between those 2 files : opendoc takes advantage of the QlikView pluggable protocol and directly set the url of an iframe to "qvp://documentURL", which makes IE to show the plugin inside the iframe, while opendoc_fix explicitly creates the plugin with an <object> tag with the QV plugin id, and sets the qvp url of the document inside a <param> tag.

      Does it make any difference in the end? I mean, is there a case where an opening method works but not the other one? Which one do I have to prefer?