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    SFDC Currency Conversion


      I'm importing data from SFDC (into desktop QlikSense app) using the QlikSense connector.    All works well except I need to deal with currency conversion so that all my revenue related data is in USD.


      Per SFDC help SOQL comment "convertCurrency" should do the trick, see their example below.  However the command convertCurrency doesn't seem to work in QlikSense.


      SELECT Id, convertCurrency(AnnualRevenue)

      FROM Account


      Any suggestions on how to make this happen?


      There is a CurrencyIsoCode in the data as well as shown below





      thank you in advance


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          Srikanth P

          Is ConvertCurreny is a function in Database ?


          If you are using sense, you can use Data market and convert the Currency into one single currency.

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              Thanks. I'm not yet familiar with the Data Market. 


              I can do this "manually" by getting the exchange rate from the relevant SFDC table and then applying the rate to all the amounts (all the tables with revenue etc come with currency ISO code as well which is the common key to the exchange rate table).  However, to me this isn't a very elegant solution so was hoping the SFDC connector woudl be smart enough to apply the SOQL that apparently works with some other data query methods.