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    How to share bookmarks

      sorry for posting a basic qns..

      this is the first time we are trying to implement share bookmarks feature.. below are the details of our QlikView setup -

      - in QV9 QMC, DMS Authorization is selected under server settings --> security

      - in Licenses tab, "User Name" is selected for Identification

      - For Named user CALs, both Allow license lease & Allow dynamic CAL assignment are checked

      - In QMS User Documents, for my QlikView .qvw file, Anonymous authorization is added. And that is the only one added.

      - In QV EMC, Allow anonymous is selected

      However when a user access QV app using QV IE plugin, the QMC console shows user in <> like <EMEA\XXXXX>. Basically, users are not able to create & share bookmarks..

      What settings do I need to change to fix this issue? appreciate any help...