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    Formula Inside Set Analysis

    Riccardo Schillaci



      I want to use this expression:


      =Only({<ATYPE={'VALUETYPE'},NUM_FROM={"<=1"},NUM_TO={">=1"}>} NUM_RESULT)


      This is working fine, NUM_RESULT is the right value that I'm expecting from a between check (1 is between NUM_FROM and NUM_TO).


      Now, I want to replace this 1 with a formula like this:




      (I'm using this fomula in a pivot column, I can use also the column alias as field)


      it works as a new pivot column, but If I replace the 1 with this, it doesn't work. I tried also with variables but it doesn't work.


      I tried:


      =Only({<ATYPE={'VALUETYPE'},NUM_FROM={"<=$(vartest)"},NUM_TO={">=$(vartest)"}>} NUM_RESULT)


      where vartest is



      Thank you, best regards.