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    To find out the growth rate of products sold for  previous month or previous year

    Anuraj kokkeragadda

      Hi ,

      I have been facing difficulty in the expression to display the growth rate of products sold in previous month or previous year.

      I have written the expression to find out the growth rate as (Sum([Units Sold])-Above(Sum([Units Sold])))/Above(Sum([Units Sold])).

      This was displaying the growth rate but if i have data for 3 years namely 2013,2014,2015.The expression will give correct result for 2013.

      But if i want to consider the sales of 2014 it should display the january month growth rate also comparing it to the last year december sales.

      I have written expression for it as

      =if(Year>=2014 and Month='Jan',Num((Sum([Units Sold])-sum({<Month={'Dec'},Year={'$vLastYear'}>}[Units Sold]))/sum({<Month={'Dec'},Year={$vLastYear}>}[Units Sold]),'#0.%'),

      Num((Sum([Units Sold])-Above(Sum([Units Sold])))/Above(Sum([Units Sold])),'#0.%')).But i could not get my required solution.

      Could anyone suggest me any other expression for it or the wrong written in my expression.


      Please help. Appreciate your time and help in this.


      Thank you.