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    Change License QVS9

    Wanderson Marques

      A customer used a trial license for a certain period and to license QVS9. But when attempting to upgrade the QVS QEMC with the new license was not successful due to the following error: "Failed to set Server license: The license Key Enabler specifed FIle does not match your license key.
      It appears that the procedure performed was correct.
      My question is: Is there something more to be done during the validation of a new license.

      Thank you!

        • Change License QVS9
          Vlad Gutkovsky

          This error has been happening at a lot of clients lately. I would recommend contacting your sales rep and requesting an LEF file. You can then paste this in manually which should hopefully fix the problem.


            • Change License QVS9
              Wanderson Marques

              Hello Vlad!

              I went personally to the customer and resolved the problem as follows:

              1 - I cleaned all the fields on the license
              2 - I put only the serial number and click Apply License. Control was requested.
              3 - put the control and click Apply License.
              The validation was performed successfully in a few seconds. Instantly the QVS showed Success and perfect operation. Thank you for your attention!