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    Script Help

      Hi All,


      Very new to Qlikview and trying to pick up something a former co-worker has done. Could someone explain what the following piece of script is doing?


      ApplyMap('SFIDmapping_SF',[Level 3 Category],null()) as [SF ID],

         [Level 2 Category] as [Level 2 Process ID],
      [Level 2 Detail] as [Level 2 Process Name],
      [Level 3 Category] as [Level 3 Process ID],
      [Level 3 Process Name],
      [Name of Full HR Shared Services Service],
      [Team Accountable for Full HR Shared Services Service]


      Basically what I am trying to do is count the number of cases by Team Accountable for Full HR Share Services Service. When I do this there is roughly 80000+ which come back with "-", does this mean its null or blank or can anyone give me any advice?