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    Weird text formatting issues in Text Object

    Vladimir Komarov




      I've noticed "interesting" text formatting issue on Text Object in Sense (2.1.1).

      I have small table with strings that contain underscore character ('_'):



      load * inline [

      Display_Name, Variable_Visits, Variable_Compare_Visits

      Postal, tr_same_store_postal_code_visits, tr_same_store_postal_code_compare_visits

      Region, tr_same_store_region_visits, tr_same_store_region_compare_visits

      Market, tr_same_store_market_visits, tr_same_store_market_compare_visits




      Everything works fine if I display these records in Pivot, Standard Table or KPI Objects:

      Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.50.35 AM.png



      When the same string is displayed in standard Text / Image object, these strings are not displayed properly:

      1. The underscore symbol is missing and the substring after that is formatted with "Italian" font style


      2. And looks like this "text formatting" is really depends on the following and preceding text for these strings


      The "Market String = ..." measure's code is identical for both samples above.

      'Market String = ' & Maxstring({<Display_Name = {'Market'}>}Variable_Visits) & chr(10) &

      'Postal String = ' & Maxstring({<Display_Name = {'Postal'}>}Variable_Visits) & chr(10) &

      'Region String = ' & Maxstring({<Display_Name = {'Region'}>}Variable_Visits) & chr(10) & chr(10) &


      But text box displays it differently! 


      So it looks like the ('_') character works as some kind of Text Formatting symbol (which I was told not yet available in Qlik!)....


      I would appreciate some clarification or suggestions how to handle this case...


      Best regards,