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    Modifying status of failed tasks?

    Alejandro Fernandez

      Hi everyone,


      Maybe this a dumb question to ask. As we all know, when a task fails it displays an icon of a white cross over a red background, that's great because it helps us find more quickly the failed task. After a succesful re-run the error icon dissapears and everything is fine.


      But there are some tasks where there's not so important (for us) to keep displaying the error icon after some time (test tasks, tasks that only run once a month, etc). So here comes my question:


      Is it posible to "restore" the error state o a "normal/default" one?


      It seems to me that if we modify the the value of the InternalError key to "False" instead of "True" in the  XML file for the task located in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\DistributionService\TaskResults\TaskResult_TaskID.xml this could be achieved.


      I figure that this isn't recommended by QlikTech but, could it be done? Would it be necessary to restart the services in order for the  status change to take effect?