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    Rounding Issue

    Cassandra Baqir

      I am aware of Rounding Errors but can't figure out how to fix it.


      Column 1

      Sum({$<FISCAL_YEAR=,APP_DATE={">$(=Max({<ACT_AMT={'>0'}>}APP_DATE))"}, FCST_DATE = {"$(=date(max(FCST_DATE), 'MM-DD-YYYY'))"}>}FCST_AMT)


      Column 2 uses a variable called $(vLTETC) and defined as: round(Sum({$<FISCAL_YEAR=,APP_DATE={">$(=Max({<ACT_AMT={'>0'}>}APP_DATE))"}, FCST_DATE = {"$(=date(max(FCST_DATE), 'MM-DD-YYYY'))"}>}FCST_AMT),1000 ) /1000

      These numbers have tied out in the past using the round(xxx,1000 ) /1000. However, you can see that 847,326,771 should round to 847,327 NOT 847,324.


      For the record, I have a text box that CORRECTLY displays $(vLTETC) as 847,327 which confuses me even more.


      Any ideas?

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