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    Error 403 connecting to Desktop engine

      I need to query information about a Qlik Sense app from a Java program, using the Engine API.


      Though I will eventually use the enterprise edition, I'm trying to do my development on a Desktop version, to keep things simple. Turns out to be not so simple.   All attempts to connect to the engine on port 4848 get a consistent 403 error (Yes, the Desktop app is running.  When it is not, an expected connection failure occurs.)


      Everything I could find by way of Google on this issue was not helpful.


      The JSON structure to simply query the engine for a list of apps seemed simple enough in the API explorer.  My program creates the same JSON RPC request:

        "handle": -1,
        "method": "GetDocList",
        "params": [],
        "id": 6,
        "jsonrpc": "2.0"


      which I send to the url http://localhost/4848/. (Since no app is involved in a request to get the list of apps, I didn't put anything in the path as the resource to be accessed.)

      I get a solid 403 error.  Trying other variants, such as using, gets the same error.

      Since the api explorer works, it is not surprising that  the connection exists, according to netstat:

      TCP         <machinename>:65237       ESTABLISHED

      and the firewall appears to be allowing qliksense.exe access.