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    Aggregate over data in same table except self (Data load script, Qlik Sense)

    Ryan Carrier

      I have data that I want to also display data from the years previous, we are using Years/Weeks rather than Years/Months/Days so I'll use that in my example.


      Currently I have a table similar to this;



      Now I want it to just be this year, but to add another field based on the previous years with the same week.
      So for example;

      C= B/A

      Week 1, (18+12)/(3+12)=2

      Week 2, 18/6=3



      Obviously I need it for all 52 weeks of the year and there are also many more columns, but they should be irrelevant regarding this example.


      I have thought to make  for each 1 to 52 load and save it into 52 temporary qvds and join them all up.
      If it was possible to nested load, so load with condition of the weeks being equal but year beeing less than, then aggregating that, it would work but it doesn't look like that is possible.

      I could create another temp table with all 2016 years taken out, then aggregate based on week, then join back to the original table, this is the one I will probably work on until/if a easier response is stated. I'm sure it's possible in an easy way I just can't seem to see/find it.


      Thanks for your time.