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    Compatibility Between IE Plug-in 7.52 and QV Server 9.00 SR3


      Hi guys,

      We are planning a migration from QV 7.52 to QV9.00 SR3.

      I found this bit of information in the QV9 Reference Manual...


      3.2 Mixed Client/Server Environments
      QlikView 9<-> QlikView 7/8
      QlikView Server 7.52 and later will work seamlessly with QlikView 9 clients
      as will QlikView Server 9 with QlikView 7.52 and later clients. Of
      course, in order to make use of QlikView 9 specific functionality you need to
      have both server and client of version 9.
      QlikView 9 is not compatible with QlikView versions 7.51 and older.
      Earlier Versions
      QlikView Server 9 is not compatible with QlikView 6 clients. Nor are
      QlikView Server 6 compatible with QlikView clients.


      Unfortunately when I install the QV IE Plug-in 7.52 (Internet Explorer version is 6.0.2800) and I try to open a QV 9 document from the Access Point, the IE-Plugin client is unavailable from the list. So it seems that we will have to coordinate deploying the new client version as we are migrating the server.

      Can anyone explain this? Is the reference manual really wrong?

      Thank you,