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    Single SignOn between an ASP app and Qlikview Server

    Clever Anjos

      I need to implement single signon between an ASP app and Qlikview Server, but its not working

      I've read the QVS manual about generating tickets and here what I've done

      1) I've put the IIS Account under Qlikview Administrators Group

      2) Put the QVS to DMS mode

      3) I used the code below to get a ticket

      var client = Server.CreateObject("QvsRemote.Client");


      var request = "<Global method='GetTicket'><UserId>" + user + "</UserId></Global>";

      var ticket = client.Execute(request);

      4) That returns me a ticket (example: D52B01C9337791F9E00929320CEB5C6153EF9795)

      5) I tried to open a document like this:

      I received the error:

      qvp:// could not open


      any ideas?