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    time series functions, scale timestamp, line chart

    Christopher Böttcher



      is there a possibility to visualize a great dataset with daily meaurements (1440 Measurements per day)?

      I try qlikview, but it crashes often. There was an option to format the x-axes continous and I get a line chart with the hole dataset.


      In Qlik Sense I don't found this option. I try some SQL commands like trunc(timestamp,'HH24'), but there are not supported.

      The aggr() function isn't the solution.(picture 2) I need hourly measurements for every day, not the average over all days.


      I read this post https://community.qlik.com/message/295553#295553


      Is the only possibility a master calender?

      Is there a possibility to scale the x axis with timestamp values? See picture 1.