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    Cloud: Visualizing two spreadsheets

      I am relatively new to Qlik and this is probably a dumb question, but I can't find an answer in any documentation or community. Here is my setup;


      - Company Roster: One spreadsheet of all associates at our company with Employee ID

      - Certification: One spreadsheet with a list of dates of attempting and passing a certification, with Employee ID (same as Company Roster)

      - Syn table is recognizing the Employee ID and two other fields in both spreadsheets


      My question is this;


      - How do I create a visualization with pie charts, etc, where I can select a dimension from the Company Roster, and have it recognize the data from the Certification spreadsheet based on the Employee ID field?

           - For instance, I'd like to select the department from the Company Roster, and have it recognize those associates in the Company Roster with certain Employee IDs and then be able to update the visualizations in the Certification spreadsheet with the same Employee IDs.


      Thank you for assisting!