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    How to promote an .NSQ file with reports,task, job and schedule from one environment to the next

    Daniel Greenberg

      Our environment consists of 4 servers:

      • DEV
      • QA
      • UAT
      • PROD


      The developers do not have any access to UAT and PROD but have full access on DEV and QA.


      I need to figure out how to promote from one environment to the next.


      On-Demand is no issue as it can use expressions.


      I am concerned about a few things here:

      • the connection changes.  In Dev it uses QVP://DEV, in QA QVP://QA and so on.
      • the template path for the report changes from \\dev\nprinting to \\QA\nprinting and so on.
      • the task output folder changes from \\dev\nprinting\output to \\qa\nprinting\output and so on.


      Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can copy these from one environment  to the next without manually changing the connection, report path and task output folder?


      We will need to script the file copy operation for the security team to run just like we do when promoting QVWs.