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    QVS outside domain - how?

      Hi all,

      Is it possible to set up a QlikView Server on a system that's not member of a Windows domain, and allow users to authenticate (and be authorized) using their domain accounts?

      So far I've tried setting up DMS on QlikView Server, configuring the Directory Service Connector for AD (with valid domain account credentials to query AD), and adding specific users as recipients in Publisher (Distribution Service); the result is still that users can't connect through either the Access Point or the QV local client.

      I'm getting the impression that the scenario above handles the authorisation part properly (while adding users as recipients, the 'add recipients' dialog box properly maps <username> to <domainname>\<username>), but does not handle authentication (the actual login part).

      Does anyone know how to best handle this? Must the QV server be member of the domain on which the user accounts are defined, or is there another (preferably easy [:)]) way to authenticate these users?

      With regards,
      Martijn ter Schegget
      CND Development