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    Growth Percentage



      I have a huge excel spreadsheet and want to calculate the Growth Percentage YoY and was thinking of MoM s well.


      Date is from 2013 but want to compare from 2015 onwards.


      Help please!

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          Paul Scotchford


          Firstly you need to establish your QlikSense data model, this of course is determined by the Excel data you plan to load, i.e. is it multi sheet, which becomes a table in QlikSense, then are there common field names to associate the tables (sheets) to each other.


          Then we always need a comprehensive Master calendar, there are plenty of calendar solutions on offer in the community so please search these out.


          Once you have that all loaded then we can look at building up the expressions you need to do YonY and MoM.


          If you are new to QlikSense then start slowly and work up to what your solution should be, the key here is get

          the associative model done right.



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            jagan mohan rao appala


            You can do YOY by using the Set analysis expressions after creating the datamodel, it should be calculated on the fly but not in the script.


            You can refer below links for such expressions


            Set Analysis for certain Point in Time


            Set Analysis for Rolling Periods


            Calendar with flags making set analysis so very simple