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    Layers in IE Plugin v9 SR3


      Recently we upgraded our IE Plugin v9 from SR2 to SR3. After the upgrade we experienced that the layersettings didn't work properly in 8 of our 50 applications. The problem is that listboxses, tables, multiboxes etc disappear behind a textobject that we use as a background in the upper part of the layout. The funny thing is that they all reappear if you click the textbox. Normaly I would think there was something wrong with my layersettings, but the background is set to buttom, and the different objects are set to normal. Changing these values have no effect. When I reinstall IE Plugin v9 SR2 again everything works fine.

      When I open the applications in QV Desktop everything looks fine and there is no layering problem (have tested both Desktop v9 SR2 and SR3). Our server: QV Server v9 SR1. Our clients runs on Windows XP and IE Explorer 8.

      Does anyone else have simular experiences with IE Plugin v9 SR3?