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    Loading large volumes of geospatial data in QlikView

    Andrey Khoronenko

      Dear colleagues. Please help to understand the following situation.


      There is a source file QVD containing the following fields:

      Name - name of region,

      ID - unique record number,

      AreaPolygon - set of coordinates for the region

      CountVertex - the number of pairs of geo points for this record.

      Total entries in the table 85. The number of pairs of points for each record varies from a few hundred to several hundred thousand.

      After loading the inner table 12 is formed containing the information in all fields.


      However, with some recording data downloaded like disappear. So in the diagram "direct table" missing data from a number of records.


      The same can be seen in a simple table.


      In passing, we note that blank lines do not match on both charts. If you downloaded the data used in the script for further calculations, it sees QlikView blank entries as missing data.

      It seems that QlikView "swears" on the large amount of data in concrete fields (as shown by the value of field CountVertex).

      What are the restrictions on the dimension of fields in tables charts? Someone has found a way to solve this problem?