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    Reload the most recent table on db

    Anna Perini

      Hi inside my app, i've to load every two-months period a table on db to check differences between two systems, so far customer changed manually the name of the table and realoaded qwv.

      The name is like table_01 (jan-feb), table_02 (march-april), etc, now i want to optimize my reload and keep always the latest table.

      But maybe i need to recheck previous period after rework on db, can you help me?


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          Peter Cammaert

          QlikView has a SQLTABLES; statement that allows you to load all table names from a database. From the resulting data set, you can deduce the table called table_nn with the highest value nn.


          If all those tables always exist but you need to know which one contains the most recent data, you can use an Incremental Load technique. Search for Incremental Load in the Community. There is a massive amount of information available here.