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    Regarding Coupon



      I have a scenario of online food ordering system  where in:

      Order amount is calculated in the UI,but the key coloumn in the fact tablei.e coupon code is to be assigned based on the Order amount.help me solving how to assign couponcode to an order

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          Manish Kachhia

          Provide some more information.. May be sample data would be great

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            I have Orderfact;order_id,customer_id,region_id,restaurant_id,couon_code



            i have concatenated the two tables adn orderfact and orderdetail.

            My problem is i have to assign couponcode based on 'order_amount(sum(item_rpice*item_quantity) which is calculted in UI') and them give discount to it based on coupon code.I have to get the coupon the order is eligible in UI and still be able to link the coupon table and orderfact table.