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    SVG Maps on QlikView/QlikSense with layers and dynamic drill down

      Hi everyone,


      First of all I'm new working with maps so I apologyse if I don't attach all you can need or if I make some mistake while I explain my issues and requirements.


      I would like to know if its possible (and efective on performance) make a map on QlikView and/or QlikSense which contains some layers depending on what depth we need changing it with clicks or making selections on the application.


      I try to get this point on QlikView with a great extension developed by bmz (Quik Map, u can find it here: GitHub - brianwmunz/QuickMap-QV11: QlikView Extensions that plots coordinates as well as loads KML files) but I encountered two issues:


      1) I can't get a color expression which can define the boundaries of the regions and be dinamic on drill down at the same time. Only achieve some near to that with an expression who didnt apply color, then QlikView uses black by default.


      2) The performance of the app, only with one map object its really bad so its hard to think about this as a solution for a real deployment.


      I attached a file called "DobleMapa.qvw" (DoubleMap) where u can find how I simulated a drill down function on QlikView.


      Secondly, I try to do this on QlikSense, for that I downloaded and installed the GeoQlik extension (Trial version), who admits to add several layers (across several shapes) to the document, but then I cant make it function as drill down dinamically, changing over different layers with a value or clicking on a region for go deeper.


      I also attached a pic from my QlikSense app, where I show how I get many layers with some different deepth level but don't know how change between them dynamically.


      Thanks in advance, hope someone can help me to know if its possible to do that or not and what its the better way to get it.


      Regards. Nahum.