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    [Bug] missing data when exporting table from Qlik Sense to Excel

    Pablo Labbe



        I found an issue in Qlik Sense when exporting data to excel. I found the issue when user exported data from tables and table have expressions with set analysis created to show a comparative analysis based on actual year and previous.


        The dimension labels on each row doesn´t show if there is no data from current selection (actual year) even if there is data for previous year. The Measures are exported fine.


      The expression for previous year is very simple : sum({<Year={$(=Max(Year)-1)}>} Sales).


      So my conclusion is: The  dimension label are only exported for data associated to the current selection, and not the combination of the data created by set analysis expressions of all measures on the object.


      I'm trying to create a workaround with no success.


      Have found this issue on version 2.0.6 and 2.1.1




      Pablo Labbe