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    How to exclude only SEGMENT_SUB=Related Coy ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All



      I like to add the filter using button.



      My condition is Exclude SEGMENT_SUB=Related Coy



      Which is same as i tick on individual check box except not tick on Related Coy.



      May i know how to write the button script For example if i want to select only SEGMENT_SUB = Related Coy



      Action Go to select in field :-

      Field  = SEGMENT_SUB

      Search string = Related Coy



      But now my requirement is select all other label exclude Related Coy.



      i assume it should be some thing like :-



      Search string not= Related Coy



      Hope some one can advise me.


      My Objective is to analyse the chart on GP% if exclude related coy .


      In my next post i will post my QV Doc