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      I have a big excel file which I'll be updating very often. Do I have to create the graphs again from scratch or will they be automatically updated every time i drag and drop the excel file in the app.



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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          There's no need to drag and drop the excel file in the app. You just have to place the updated excel file in the same place on the filesystem. As long as the field names and the name(s) of the excel sheet(s) stay the same all you have to do is reload the app.

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            Andy Weir

            once you have created your connections and brought the data in the first time from your data sources to refresh your data model go to the data load section of your app and click the load data button in the top right hand quarter. This will cause qlik sense to go back to your data sources in the places you have defined and get the latest datA reloading it into your data model and refreshing your existing charts accordingly.  If you use serveraversion these reloads can be scheduled rather than user initiated.