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    Easily alternate between measures in a single graph?

      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to build a sales app, and I was wondering about the following:


      At the moment, I have built two duplicate versions of most sheets in the app, the only difference being that the graphs in one sheet use a measure sum(Quantity) for an analysis of the quantity sold, while the same graphs in the duplicate sheet use the measure sum(Revenue) to show the sales revenue.


      Is there any way to integrate this, for example by somehow loading both measures into the same graph, and allowing the user to easily select which measure to display and to switch back and forth? I think this would increase the user-friendliness of the app, and reduce the amount of sheets by 50%. Of course I know that you can change the measure by going into edit mode, but this can get a bit cumbersome if you need to change multiple graphs, and most of my colleagues are not very familliar with this mode.