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    Call external command/script when task fails

      Situation: I have a set of QV Dokuments (located in the same directory) which are executed in a task chain (start task on event from another task). Each document has creation of log files enabled.

      I would like to implement following behaviour:

      • If the execution of one of the tasks fails I want to move all log files to a specific location on the file system

      Do you have any suggestions how to implement this behaviour?

      The only solution if currently found is to add a "faild.task" to each of the tasks in the chain which could perform the movement of the log files. This is cumbersome and error-prone. Is there an other way?

      In a chain of tasks I would like to have a "call-back-hook" which is executed when one of the tasks fails.

      Moving files: currently I use an external script (actually it is an ant script) which does the job. Is there a better QV-way to move files?