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    QlikSense extension

    Logesh Jayaraman

      I am trying to create the extension using the QlikSense Devhub with the basic visualization template.  And the problem it is always rendering only the heading properties and not displaying the Dimension or measure properties..


      But if i choose the chart template it works fine.


      So what is the difference between the Basic visualization template and Chart template?  Why the basic visualization template is not rendering the Dimensions, measures, sorting.


      Qlik Sense version 2.1.1

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          Aiham Azmeh



          The difference between the 2 templates is the missing definition object in basic-template.
          Basic-template is just a "dummy" Hello World empty template while chart-template exemplify with data; in the java-script code you should see something like this:


          definition: {

               type: "items",

               component: "accordion",

               items: {

                    dimensions: { uses: "dimensions", min: 1, max: 1 },

                    measures: { uses: "measures", min: 1, max: 1 },

                    sorting: { uses: "sorting" }




          I recommend you to check this page : Working with data especially the section with "Defining the properties panel"


          I hope this will answer you question,