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    Button Object with calculation

    Mahm Tamal

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to create a button object but it's not working.


      Action - Select in Field





      Search String



      Basically I want divide my inventory quantity by weekly demand to see how many weeks of inventory I have and want the button to show the items where my inventory is less than 1 week.


      any suggestion will be highly appreciated




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          Stefan Wühl

          For the field, just use the fieldname, without the leading equal sign:




          edit: I've missed that this is not a field name.


          Try to make a selection in field Item (or whatever this field is named, you can only use field names for a select in field action)


          and as expression something like


          ='=Sum(Inventory) / [Weeekly Demand] <1'

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              Mahm Tamal

              so in Button > Actions > Select in Field i put this formula    ='=Sum(Inventory) / [Weekly Demand] <1'    under Field and left Search String blank, didn't work. Is that what you meant?

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                  Stefan Wühl

                  No, you can only use fields to make selections in. So you need to put a field name (without any leading equal sign, just the field name) under Field in the action dialog. I don't know the name of that field, but since you want to filter items, put the field name corresponding to items there.


                  Then use

                  ='=Sum(Inventory) / [Weeekly Demand] <1'


                  as search string. This should work if sum(Inventory) as well as [Weekly Demand] return values per item.

                  In other words:


                  You need to be able to create a chart with dimension Item (or whatever your field is called) and an expression

                  =Sum(Inventory) / [Weeekly Demand]


                  and this expression should return number of weeks you can work with inventory at hand per Item value.