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    standard behaviour of Accesspoint in 8.5 SR3 64 bits : seems to refresh every second, impossible to see the page

      I used to install the 32 bits version of QlikView Server and Publisher 8.5 SR3 on a Windows Server 2003 X64 bits server (8 proc, 16 Go Ram).
      Now I would like to install the same QlikView Server Publisher version (I mean 8.5 SR3) but in 64 bits version.
      So I uninstalled QV Server and Publisher, reinstalled the 64 bits versions,
      Note : one difference between 32 et 64 bits installation : the previous QlikView folder was in C:\Program Files (x86)\QlikView. In 64 bits it has become C:\Program Files\QlikView.
      I just had to :
      On server; set again the licence, set again the QlikView server Production Documents folder (all other configs were okay)
      On Publisher : nothing to do : the QVPR has been completely keept
      But I've one strange problem : I cannot access to the Accesspoint, When accessing the access point (IIS based) the IE page seems to be doing refreshes every second ?? So impossible to see the accesspoint page
      But :
      - if I access directly to the server, it works (qvp://servername/)
      - The Publisher Controls Panel page seems to works (same config in IIS ?)
      - All services are started
      I just can't access to the Accesspoint
      Any idea why ?