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    Problem with remote user access and tunelling

    Mike Welham

      We have a remote user, whom I believe is connecting onto our network using VPN. We are trying to set him up with access to QlikView. He has been able to get to the AccessPoint and install the IE-Plugin. When he tries to access a report he gets the following error:

      qvp://SERVERNAME/Category/ReportName.qvw?iis_authenticate=<long hex number>&tunneler=http%3A//SERVERNAME/scripts/QVSTunnel.dll%3Fhost%3DSERVERNAME could not be opened

      Am I right in thinking that QlikView is trying to use tunnelling, which it looks like we do not have installed? We are currently using the QlikView web server - am I also right in thinking that you need to use the IIS in order support tunnelling?