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    Filter on Page and/or level?

    Paul Carver

      Is it possible to filter an excel report based on whether there are any valid values for each possible value of a page or level?


      I am trying to create an output report showing live actions (text descriptions) against an organisation structure where 'Division' is set as the Page object, 'Directorate' is the top level and 'Operating Unit' is the lower level. The output report cycles through all possible values of each of these. The problem is that where there are no 'live actions' for one of the 'Operating Units' NPrinting defaults to listing all live actions for all Operating Units which is incorrect. Is there a way of recognising that there are zero entries for a particular Operating Unit value within NPrinting and not outputting it in the report?


      I cannot filter on selected Operating Units as I need the report to be dynamic


      Do I need to create a new field within the source Qlikview application that dynamically refreshes the list of Operating Units that have live actions on each data reload?