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    QlikView Clustering - CPU Cores Not Matching

    Eamonn O'Brien

      Hi Guys,


                I was wondering if you could help me on deciding what the best solution should be with the following issue I am having? We are investing in a QlikView cluster server environment but we are unable to get specifications for our new server that matches our existing QlikView server (new H/W vendor).


      Existing Server:

      40 Cores

      512 GB's RAM


      New Server:

      32 Cores

      512 GB's RAM


      Will this be an issue? I've heard that reducing the number of CPU's in the CPU affinity section on the management console to match the smaller box that there should be no issues. If I do this though, am I sacrificing 8 cores on my existing QlikView server as these will not be used?.


      Hope this makes sense.


      Thanks again,